Direct Support Professional - Full Time Employment Services

  • Job Tracking ID: 512714-648298
  • Job Location: Buffalo, NY
  • Job Level: Entry Level (less than 2 years)
  • Level of Education: High School/GED
  • Job Type: Full-Time/Regular
  • Date Updated: September 07, 2018
  • Years of Experience: Up to 2 Years
  • Starting Date: ASAP

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Job Description:

Looking for motivated & energetic people to join our team of professionals to support individuals with disabilities in our Employment Services division. Using a person-centered approach, the DSP assists individuals with making choices and achieving goals to build their independence within employment based settings. Monday - Friday 7:15am-3:15pm.


The Direct Support Professional Substitute-ES adheres to the Code of Ethics, demonstrating the core competencies; assists individuals receiving services in acquiring and/or maintaining the skills, personal habits and positive attitudes that will enable them to maintain and/or enhance their independence with a primary focus on employment skills.


Reports to the Team Leader of Prevocational Services


Daily Tasks

  • Assists the individuals in developing work skills, habits and attitudes.
  • Orients individuals to work situations and trains such individuals in the performance of specified work tasks
  • Observes monitors and records individuals’ progress in skills development in relation to service plan objectives.
  • Adapts work methods to meet individuals’ needs
  • Provides daily documentation for Pre-Voc goals, monthly Pre-Voc notes
  • Assigns individuals receiving services to production tasks based on needs.
  • On a daily basis records time and production completed by individuals, ensuring that such is accurate, complete and signed
  • Monitors quantity and quality control procedures to ensure conformance with job specifications.

Puts People First

  • Supports a person’s unique capacities and personality and potential
    • Demonstrates respect for all individuals being supported
    • Demonstrates support for individual choice making in order to enhance confidence and assertiveness
  • Gets to know the person through assessment/discovery
    • Evaluates the ways in which past and current events and environmental factors, affect the way the person acts/reacts to others
    • Uses a holistic approach to participate in the individual’s life planning activities and assists in their implementation
    • Encourages and supports problem-solving and coping skills
    • Stays informed about formal and informal assessment and is able to conduct informal assessments in a variety of settings to gain information regarding the individual and his/her response to the environment
    • Supports the self-direction of services
  • Promotes advocacy with the individual
    • Seeks information regarding range of services available to individuals with developmental disabilities
    • Provides opportunities for the individual to be a self-advocate
    • Performs advocate responsibilities while demonstrating respect for the processes and people involved
    • Describes and supports individuals’ rights
    • Identifies when an individual’s rights may have been breached and takes action to prevent, stop and report the possible breach
  • Facilitates personal growth and development
    • Demonstrates ability to effectively teach skills to people supported
    • Recognizes the individuals need for teaching and preferred style for learning and can perform individualized teaching based on this information
    • Assess the effectiveness of formal and informal teaching provided and makes adaptations where needed.
  • Facilitates supports and services
    • Assists in the development, implementation and on-going evaluation of service plans that are based on the individual’s preferences, needs, and interests
    • Continuously shares observations, insights, and recommendations with the individual and his/her support team

Builds and Maintains Positive Relationships

  • Builds and maintains relationships
    • Supports individuals to overcome barriers and challenges to establishing and maintaining a network of relationships and valued social roles
    • Demonstrates the ability to identify the individual’s personal strengths, interests and needed supports for community involvement
  • Creates meaningful communication
    • Uses a range of effective communication strategies and skills to establish a collaborative relationship with the person
    • DSP modifies own communication to ensure understanding and respect
    • Develops trust by communicating empathetically
    • Recognizes the impact of the possible discrepancies between the individual’s chronological age and developmental age when communicating

Demonstrates Professionalism

  • Develops professional relationship
    • Demonstrates respect in all professional relationships
  • Exhibits professional behavior
    • Demonstrates the following desirable professional qualities in the worksite: professional demeanor, attention to punctuality and attendance policies, reliability, flexibility, and pleasantness
  • Shows respect for diversity and inclusion
    • Demonstrates respect in all matters relating to diversity and inclusion
    • Demonstrates the awareness, attitude, knowledge and skills (i.e. cultural competence) required to provide effective support to those we serve from any particular ethnic, racial, sexual orientation, religion, gender, socio-economic, age or disability group, as well as any other component diversity groups
  • Creates meaningful documentation records
    • Maintains accurate records by collecting, compiling, evaluating data and submitting it in a timely manner to the appropriate sources
  • Education, training, and self-development activities
    • Demonstrates enthusiasm for learning the knowledge and skills required to perform the job
    • Readily seeks and accepts feedback to improve performance
    • Applies knowledge and skills gained to the job
  • Organizational participation
    • Adheres to and promotes the mission, culture and practices of the organization
    • Participates in the work of the organization in a positive way by using problem solving skills
    • Adheres to corporate compliance policies and procedures
  • Exhibits ethical behavior on the job
    • Knows, understands, and follows the NADSP Code of Ethics

Supports Good Health

  • Promotes positive behavior and supports
    • Demonstrates team work with the individual, co-workers and family in implementing positive behavioral support strategies consistent with available behavior support plans
    • Demonstrates effective methods to teach positive behaviors and support existing positive behaviors
    • Assesses strategies to evaluate how environmental factors affect behavior
  • Supports health and wellness
    • Demonstrates knowledge and understanding of an individual’s medical, physical, psychological, and dental health care needs
    • Demonstrates knowledge of and uses accepted methods to prevent illness and disease, and teaches prevention methods to the individual.
    • Recognizes and responds in a timely manner to signs and symptoms of illness/injury and medical emergencies
    • Provides a safe and clean environment for the individual based on skill level and risks. Addresses immediate health, safety, and cleanliness concerns immediately upon discovery.
    • Accurately documents and adequately protects all health information
    • Understands and can implement daily health practices to support good health
  • Prevents, recognizes, and reports abuse
    • Recognizes concepts related to the prevention of abuse
    • Is able to prevent abuse
    • Correctly follows procedures for mandated reporting and responding
    • Immediately reports all possible incidents to appropriate people upon discovery.

Supports Safety

  • Supports crisis prevention, intervention, and resolution
    • Demonstrates skill in applying the principles and practices of the OPWDD PROMOTE (Positive Relationships Offer More Opportunities to Everyone) competencies and individual-specific Behavior Support Plan.
    • Demonstrates respect for the safety of all others
  • Supports safety
    • Supports the safety of all individuals in everyday situations
  • Ensures safety of individuals during environmental emergencies
    • Understands and can carry out plans for responding to environmental emergencies

Is Active and Productive in Society

  • Supports active participation in the community
    • Supports community participation and contribution
  • Supports employment, educational, and career goal attainment
    • Supports the individual by being knowledgeable about the career and employment goals of the individual
    • Supports the individual by being knowledgeable about the educational goals of the individual
    • Develops and supports the individual’s skills to help the individual meet the productivity expectations of the workplace

Performs other duties as assigned

Experience and Skills:


  • Possess good time management skills
  • Ability and desire to work as part of an interdisciplinary team
  • Ability to work independently with a group of individuals
  • Moderate level of written and oral communication skills
  • Moderate level of interpersonal skills
  • Knowledge of behavioral techniques and developmental disabilities to assist in the care of individuals receiving services
  • Knowledge of computer and ability to utilize various software programs
  • Successful completion and certification of First Aid and CPR upon hire is required


Preferred: One year pertinent experience in Health and Human Services related field and experience with individuals with disabilities

Minimum: High School Diploma or Equivalency and Valid New York State Driver’s License in good standing

Job Benefits:

We offer a generous benefits package including paid holidays, PTO, health & dental insurance, agency paid life and long term disability insurance, 401k & more!



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